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Dear Yuletide Santa,

Hi, how’re you doing? I hope your November has been excellent so far, and that my assignment is something that’ll be fun for you. It seems like a good idea to give you a better notion of my likes and dislikes than that extremely uninformative form, so here goes.

I like character-driven stories, even if nothing much happens in them. I like psychological mindfuckery, especially if it ends in fluff. I’m a complete and utter sucker for first time and domesticity fic. I like complicated relationships, strong friendships, and intense interactions of any sort. I like slash and I like smut but I’m certainly not averse to the opposite, and as I can’t write smut I won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t show up.

Dislikes… Non-con or dub-con. I am firmly against them. Chan. Scat. Asphyxiation. I don’t mind bondage at all, just as long as it’s fully consensual.

In advance, thank you so much! I’ve been wildly excited about this for days and look forward to weeks of more excitement.

For The Dark Is Rising – it has a very strange list of pairings down at the bottom. This was an accident! I… really don’t actually want to see any of the older generation involved with the younger. Ew. However, Arthur and Merriman, and Will and Bran, those are excellent. I’d particularly love to see a get-together fic involving Bran’s memory returning – not because of magic amnesia-fixing sex, although that’s certainly not something I object to if it fits better – but because he comes of age. I’d particularly like to see your vision of what coming of age entails for the Pendragon, and what that means for his future, both individually and with Will.

For Sunshine, it’s pretty much what I have written – I would love just a little fic in this fandom, particularly in the field of ‘what happened before’, which seems like an excellent playground. Sunshine’s grandmum, if she was the main character, I would be thrilled beyond words, but if it’s not something you feel comfortable writing, then by all means forego.

For Witch Hunter Robin, like I said, I’d like to see something set during the series, about Amon and Robin and their developing relationship. There’s not much more to it than that.

For the Lord Peter Whimsey series… well, once upon a time I ran across a crossover involving a book and the Sandman and Constantine, and it was awesome and the reason I started reading those books. And it had, hmm, a little to do with Peter and his relationship with books. So, I’d like PeterxBooks, singular or plural. To whatever degree you wish to take it. Ahem.
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